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Dec 1, 2012 11:00am PST
does nothing to avert the impending fiscal cliff. the president was at the factory of kinex toys. let's get some insight on that visit from someone who was there. michael is the president and ceo of kinex. >> good morning. >> president obama said a fam of four's taxes could go up. what impact does that have? >> it's fantastic to have the president our endorser in chief. when you remove that discretionary income and toys are a discretionary purchase as are other things. you are having some potential impact on the entire economy. obviously, toys and other things, as well. >> the president's plan calls for raising the tax rates on americans earning $250,000 or more. most republicans remain dead set against the president's plan. >> that's true. i think, though, we have to take a look at the larger context. the larger context is we have a math problem. we have $2.5 trillion that we're taking in every year on the federal government and $3.5 trillion that we're spending. so, we're going to need a balanced approach of both revenue and spending cuts to teat there. so, that's what the president h
Dec 27, 2012 6:30pm EST
viewers determined to find american-made toys. showing us kinex. the company saying more than 7 million boxes sold. >> made in america! >> reporter: entire towns joining in. vermont, that town hall cheer. >> you bet we're in! >> reporter: and they've hired five new workers tonight. at spooner boards in california, they're spinning, all right. after our first report on the company, five new employees. their riding the v what. >> made in america! >> reporter: and you'll remember who we found in her dressing room. hey, whoopi. merry christmas. >> you guys are great. your sh >> reporter: it turns out, in minnesota, whoopi wasn't the only customer. sales doubled since last year. 80 additional people since our last report? >> yes. >> reporter: and this message from the mill. >> thank you, "world news"! >> reporter: and remember the american-made wrench, the inventor who hoped to sell at sears again this christmas? no new order from them, but we traveled to the assembly line. this is just one of the wrenches that was packaged, ready to go to sears. they are unpackaging all of them, pau
Dec 1, 2012 6:00am EST
paying the rent and saving for college. it means less money to buy more kinex. just the other day, economists said if income taxes go up on the middle class, people will spend nearly 200 billion less in scores and on line. and when folks are buying fewer clothes or cars or toys, that's not good for our businesses. it's not good for our economy. it's not good for employment. that's one path. congress does nothing, we don't deal with this looming tax hike on middle class families, and starting in january, everybody gets hit with this big tax hike and businesses suddenly see fewer customers, less demand, the economy, which we've been fighting for four years to get out of this, you know, incredible economic crisis that we have, it starts stalling again. so that's one path. the good news is there's a second option. right now congress can pass a law that would prevent a tax hike on the first $250,000 of everybody's income. everybody. so that means 98% of americans, 97% of small businesses wouldn't see their income taxes go up by a single dime, right? because 98% of americans make $250,0
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)